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đź’ˇ Illuminate and Inspire

Experience the perfect blend of warm LED lights and a rewritable message board with our LED Note Board Acrylic Night Light. Let the soft glow of the lights and the convenience of a rewritable board inspire and organize your thoughts, to-do lists, and important messages.

đź“ť Convenient Rewritable Board

Our high-quality acrylic board ensures clear and legible handwriting, making it easy to jot down your daily tasks, housework reminders, grocery lists, welcome messages, and more. Stay organized and never miss a beat with this practical and creative tool.

LUMIBOARD™ LED Note Board Acrylic Light

Regular price   $44.00 Sale price   $24.00 Save 45%

Introducing the LUMIBOARD - where creativity meets innovation. Our LED Note Board Light, crafted with premium materials, is built to withstand your active lifestyle. With its sleek design and soft glow, it becomes a captivating canvas for your ideas to flourish. Express yourself, jot down notes, and unleash your imagination on the LUMIBOARD. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and creativity. Discover the limitless possibilities and elevate your space with the LUMIBOARD today...

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